Smallville Quot Future Meets Melrose Place

Two of the showrunners to Smallville could be taking charge of CW planned new version of Melrose Place, reports Michael Ausiello.Originally, the project was offered to One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwahn, but said that could Ausiello not be completed because it was committed to Schwahn Warner Bros. Produced Hill, Melrose Place and is produced by Paramount..

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Clint Eastwood Quot Quot Gran Torino Quot Endears Despite Racism

Clint Eastwood take the helm once again as director and producer of his latest film Gran Torino. The film is a provocative look at life in a racist aging, isolated part of a changing neighborhood and surrounded by people with whom he can not relate with. Clintwood paints his character struggle with diversity in a surprisingly strong, but comedic fashion.

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Uma Quot In Flight Yoga Moves Raise Eyebrows

He used the flight attendant station as a ballet bar, which stretched for 20 minutes. The star Hollywood was traveling from New Yorks JFK Airport a Utah Salt Lake City when he left his seat and began folding and extends in front of shocked curious. However, they were surprised to see the health-conscious 38-year-old star out of the race, when the plane landed and immediately light up a cigarette. A source told the New York Post newspaper: Uma started doing yoga in the aisles. Uma Thurman stunned passengers doing a yoga routine on a recent flight. Most of the passengers politely looked in another direction and put Umas antics to a strict fitness regime.

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Shia Labeouf Quot Driver Quot License Suspended In Relation To Dui Case

The suspension takes effect on Saturday, January 17 and will last a minimum of one year, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) confirmed. No comments have been issued by the Shiites on the suspension. Refuge also his people t matter one word on this issue. Cleared off DUI charges stemming from an auto accident of that happened in 2008, Shia LaBeouf is having his driver license suspended by the authorities because of the refusal of blood-alcohol test on the night of the incident.

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Jennifer Aniston Not Committed To John Mayer Romance

The break-up reports come days after sources said Mayer was set to propose to Aniston with an engagement ring on her 40th birthday February 11. Aniston Mayer would have realized that was not the kind of guy that [want] to be long-term after New Year Eve spent with him in Mexico. Jennifer Aniston reported split from boyfriend after completion John Mayer that she was not committed to their relationship. Sources claim that the pair split a first appearance with Golden Globes.

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